Dollar and a Dream Painting by Sue Tsai

Dollar and a Dream . . .

A photo posted by SUE TSAI ™ (@suetsai) on

All you need is a "dollar and a dream" a slogan from NYS lottery which can also be heard in rap lyrics from Biggie even up to today's modern music and that I like very much. As a visual artist I have always thought of illustrating this annotation ever since I heard of it but still haven't come up with a slick concept 'til today, when one of my favorite artist @suetsai posted a photo of her painting this morning.

Really fucking dope! I love that kid character riding the paper plane made out of $2 bill and it's the second time I've seen him/her in Sue Tsai's panting below and seem like is growing every time lol.

Very mysterious with the aviator shades/goggles and if you look closer, like any great visual artist Sue leaves us a space to think and question ourselves whether that character is a boy or not. I love this piece! Great job Sue!

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