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RJ. One Dream Big #5

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RJ. One Dream Big #5

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Artwork Info:

RJ. One Dream Big #5

Medium: Mixed media, stencil & resin

Size: 9x12 inch

Edition: Unique

About RJ One:
RJ is a 27 year old self taught artist from New York. He was born in the Philippines and moved to NY at an early age. Growing up, RJ was exposed to
the gritty New York streets and quickly became fascinated with graffiti and street art. Always doodling in his books as a kid, RJ had a passion for art. In 2010 he went to nursing school in the Philippines and came back to NY in 2014 where he met AJ LaVilla. “I stopped doing art for years while I was in college, but after seeing AJ follow his dream and put out quality work, I was inspired to pick it up again”. AJ and RJ came up with the idea for this holiday project one night after painting in AJ's studio; as a way to give back to the children in the Philippines and create one of a kind pieces showcasing different artists styles.

This art piece is part of a collaboration between AJ Lavilla and ten New York based street artist.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to "Protect Our Dream Foundation".  A non-profit organization that conducts art workshop and provide art materials to children in the Philippines.

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