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My Life In Yellow Live Your Dream #2

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My Life In Yellow Live Your Dream #2

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Artwork Info:

My Life In Yellow Live Your Dream #2

Medium: Mixed media, stencil & resin

Size: 9x12 inch

Edition: Unique

About My Life In Yellow:
The purpose of My Life in Yellow is to create art using words to evoke an
emotion. Her style of handwriting has become a signature of hers along with her use of a yellow sticker. Through her street art stickers she hopes to give people a moment when they don't feel so alone. Through her poetry, she exposes her own insecurities, experiences and curiosities as a way to show there is someone else out there who understands.

This art piece is part of a collaboration between AJ Lavilla and ten New York based street artist.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to "Protect Our Dream Foundation".  A non-profit organization that conducts art workshop and provide art materials to children in the Philippines.

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