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Fluidtoons Dream Big #1

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Fluidtoons Dream Big #1

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Artwork Info:

Fluidtoons Dream Big #1

Medium: Mixed media, stencil & resin

Size: 9x12 inch

Edition: Unique

About Fluidtoons:
Brett W. Thompson is the artist behind Fluidtoons: wacky, cartoony line work
murals, animations, body painting, live art, etc. His interest in public art was
cemented after spontaneously participating in Art Around the Park in NYC.
Brett's biggest influences are Keith Haring and cartoons of all sorts. Fluidtoons art has been featured in galleries and festivals worldwide.

This art piece is part of a collaboration between AJ Lavilla and ten New York based street artist.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to "Protect Our Dream Foundation".  A non-profit organization that conducts art workshop and provide art materials to children in the Philippines.

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